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Estoy sentado en un pub en la terminal de la estación del tren. The White Rose. Estoy bebiendo RedBull y nunca lo hago. Necesito algo para espabilarme! Me siento muy agradecido por todos aquellos que han estado esperando bajo el frío y la lluvia para que todos los artistas se sintiesen bienvenidos. Qué ciudad con qué corazón.

No sé si mi actuación ha salido ya, pero sé que Radio Aire tiene mi single ya, así que si queréis escuchar 'Verge' hacedles una llamada.

Llevo mi traje azul cielo de Marc Jacobs y zapatillas de deporte... no es muy buena idea por el festival lol! Llovía mucho y el suelo se volvió muy resvaladizo. Estaba andando en el área del backstage con bolsas atadas a mis zapatos, un pocho y rodeado de gente con paragüas tapándome. Una de dos, si no parecía estúpido o parecía una diva!

Ha habido muchas actuaciones geniales y conocí a Jason Donovan, que tiene muy buena voz y muy buen cuerpo.

Sí. Mañana comenzaré con una semana larga de promoción por las radios alrededor de UK y estoy muy contento. Steve y yo haremos 'Verge' en acústico.

Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo, tanto en radio, como en televisión. Teneros a todos votando realmente ayuda.

Mucho mucho amor. Os veo pronto

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Es domingo (mmm) y acabo de salir del gimnasio (ergh) para estar en forma (yeah) para poder cantar y estar preparado (wahoo) para el tour (yeaaha!)

Odio trabajar fuera I still hate working out.
A alguien le gusta? Does anyone love it?
Cuando alguien me pregunta que qué tal el gimnasio... les contesto 'necesario'.
No es un don.

He estado viendo un poco del Live Earth. No me gustaría que el mundo se destruyese. Eso es seguro.
Pero no sé si las Pussycat Dolls pueden salvarnos. Qué creéis?
Todavía Madonna tiene un buen culo.

This Delicate Thing We Made en 30 segundos



En Barnes and ya puedes comprar por internet el nuevo disco de Darren. Pero lo más importante es que puedes escuchar todos los temas durante unos 30 segundillos.

Merece la pena pasarse por la página y ocupar parte de tu tiempo libre escuchando los trocitos de las canciones.

-- Party in the Park


Darren estará actuando un año más en el Party in the Park, en Londres. Será el 14 de julio. Las entradas ya están a la venta en la página de la organización

-- On The Verge Of Something Wonderful: Letra



A serpent, a rabbit
A walk in the forest
A tentative looking son
A feeling, a moment
A bursting of bubbles
A panic to overcome

A samurai, an angel
An eloquent table
An AC that does not work
A road trip, a car wreck
A paperback novel
A lover that ain’t been hurt

When you let me go when I’m on my way
When the world below is cold and grey

On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful
A resurgence, on the edge of something wonderful

For it, against it
Said he’d never meant it but Harry still dropped the bomb
A trip to the dentist, the Hollywood black list
A moment that time forgot

When you let me go when I’m on my way
When the world below is cold and grey

On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful
At the edge of, on the verge of something wonderful

You can dance in the devil’s shoes if you like walking heels
There’s a decent living to be made in the selling out of ideals
You can lose your way in the big city
Get distracted and lost and feel pretty

I want you, I need you
I don’t wanna please you or belong to anyone
But life is for leading, for not people pleasing
A race that has never been won

When you let me go when I’m on my way
When the world below is cold and grey

On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful
At the edge of, on the verge of something wonderful
On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful
A resurgence, on the edge of something wonderful

-- On The Verge Of Something Wonderful Video



-- Más fechas para The Time Machine Tour




13 de Octubre, Sábado - Burswood Theatre, Perth
16 de Octubre, Martes - Civic Theatre, Newcastle
17 de Octubre, Miércoles - State Theatre, Sydney
20 de Octubre, Sábado - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
21 de Octubre, Domingo- Canberra Theatre, Canberra
24 de Octubre, Miércoles- The Arts Centre Concert Hall, Melbourne
25 de Octubre, Jueves- QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane

-- Entrevista en Junio de 2007, Canadá



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-- Entrevista en Genre Magazine



For a brief period in the ’90s, I enjoyed worldwide success as a songwriter and lead singer of a pop band called Savage Garden. At the peak of my success, I was high-fiving members of ’NSYNC backstage at my after-show parties. I had Billboard number-one hits and sold out Radio City Music Hall. I also came to terms with the fact that I was gay. ’NSYNC had nothing to do with it (don’t worry girls, Justin is still yours). But, the peak of my career coincided with the realization that I’d been denying who I really was all my life. I thought my life was going to end—if not through my own depression, then surely through a media outing.

Fast-forward to my life today: I’m 35 years of age, my pop group split up almost 8 years ago, my record deal evaporated and I’m 25 million album sales richer. I live in England; I’m married to my boyfriend Richard, and my life has never been happier. This year, I’ll release my first record independently and play a sold-out concert at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Things are great.

Yet, it wasn’t always so. The period immediately after coming out to family and friends were what I refer to as “the lost years.” I battled depression. I estranged myself from my family. I moved halfway around the world. I did everything I could to prevent myself from becoming that which I thought society despised.

You see, I was born Australian—amid the drought-ridden summers and masculine culture of working-class heroes—into a family where my father was alcoholic and violent towards my mother. And though he eventually found sobriety and peace (he’s my hero now), it left an indelible scar. I was forever on guard. In the climate I grew up in, you had to be tough. To be gay was unthinkable. There wasn’t even a word for it.

My generation had only 2 gay role models. One of them played piano, wore a lot of wigs and funny glasses, and the other one was the first famous person to die of AIDS. Growing up, there wasn’t anyone I could relate to.

Today, we live in an era in which 17-year-old kids join MySpace and check a simple box that says “gay” to describe who they are. We have Will & Grace, Ellen DeGeneres and, perhaps, Scissor Sisters and Queer As Folk to thank for all that. But, I have to say, were I a young man coming to terms with my sexuality today, I’d find the current online lynch mob mentality of outing celebrities to be more than enough reason to stay hidden.

Go to any gossip website and you’ll see: Young, apparently gay artists, performers and actors are now declared gay and ostracized for not admitting it, sometimes before they’ve even decided it for themselves.

It worries me that, in these times of struggle for basic civil rights, such fear still exists in coming out. It took me years to accept who I was before I was willing to talk about it openly. I can’t imagine how awful that would have been had I also had the likes of tabloid cyber-gossip nipping at my heels!

Don’t get me wrong. I think that lying publicly about who you are is unacceptable. But, for the person who says, “I’d rather not talk about my private life”—can’t we see that this is someone who is choosing not to deceive us?

Right now, I’m so proud to be living in a country that has had the sense to respond to real social pressure and recognize civil partnerships. Here in Britain, I signed a simple piece of paper that extends to me the right of British citizenship and all of the civil liberties any other married person inherits upon saying “I do.” Richard, my partner, is my next of kin. He is my life. But, most importantly, marrying him validated us. When we stood together in a circle of our family and friends, I got to hold both his and my mother’s hands; I got to smile at my niece and nephew; and I got to witness the acceptance of my family and friends.

Perhaps through living my life with joy in my heart, I’ll have made it possible for some young kid in a country town in anywhere U.S.A. to say, “I can be happy, too.”

Darren Hayes’ new album, This Delicate Thing We’ve Made, hits stores on August 20 from Powdered Sugar Productions. For previews and downloads, check out

Darren celebra el día del orgullo gay en Londres


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Miles de personas marcharon en las calles del centro de Londres, la capital británica, para celebrar el festival anual de Orgullo Gay.

A pesar de la lluvia, los participantes caminaron, con pancartas y disfraces, desde Baker Street hasta la plaza de Trafalgar.

Después del desfile, en la plaza se presentaron diversos artistas británicos y extranjeros, incluidos Darren Hayes, ex cantante del dúo australiano Savage Garden, y el músico escocés de pop Jimmy Somerville.

Los organizadores del festival dijeron que éste se llevaría a cabo como estaba planeado, a pesar de que cerca de Trafalgar Square fueron encontrados dos coches bomba el viernes.

Las FOTOS: Pertenecen a uise_aln

Video1 y Video2: Pertenecen a amz785