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I said I'd check in with you after Christmas so here I am.
I just looked and saw it was December 8th the last time I blogged.
Wow it has felt longer than 3 weeks since I poured my heart out on my sleeve and into a paper cup and gave it to you. But here I am again.
I'm already over Christmas and New Years wishes (bah humbug! hehe) but I will say it was lovely. We were supposed to go away somewhere schamncy and I got a cold so decided to stay in and have a quiet Christmas. Rich's best friend and his girlfriend came over and we had a traditional dinner at home in Notting Hill. Unexpected but exactly what the doctor ordered.
I've seen 'The Golden Compass' 3 times and I'm obsessed with it.
I can't believe some of the negative attention and speculation it received from some of the gutter press around the world. Some of the criticism was entirely based on the fact that it didn't open with record breaking box office numbers, in spite of the fact that it was the number one movie in Europe for 3 weeks. No wonder we don't read reviews! Who needs that kind of poison? I saw the film presuming it would be flawed and loved it so much. I do hope it does well enough to warrant making the subsequent two films. If you haven't read Phillip Pullman's 'Northern Lights' series I do suggest it. There are all sorts of freaky parallels between his world and the one I imagined in 'This Delicate Thing'. I love the idea that our souls are a part of us but of their own free will.
I digress.
I've been spending ages on my D.J set for New Years Eve. I'm so excited about it. There's a really cool mix of old skool and new stuff and little nods toward my fave music. Those who are coming should expect it to be a floor stomping couple of hours of fun. As for the live set, Shave has been working up some genius magic making sure this show is something that contains fresh and one off things you've never seen or heard before. Woot!
Ah did I tell you I received more than a few incredible presents over the holidays from loved ones including a vinyl copy of Kate Bush's 'Ariel' album. It has a gorgeous 12 inch 24 page book. It brought back the joy of why I love vinyl so much. Large format artwork. I truly do hope I can release 'Delicate' on vinyl at some stage. It's definitely in the plans. After the U.S dates in March I do plan to go away and hybernate until the next record but in my absence there are things I'm going to release. One of them will be the live DVD of 'The Time Machine Tour' and the other, 'These Delicate Films We Made' - which is the 13 animated videos with 5.1 surround sound. There are the animated videos you've already seen plus short films for 'Setting Sun' 'Neverland' 'Maybe' 'A Conversation With God' 'Fear of Falling Under' 'Waking The Monster' and more. I'm so thrilled I can do this stuff! Hopefully in my down time I can try to reinvent the wheel a bit more musically tho it's probably way too early for me to be even thinking about that!
But that's how my mind gets after a few weeks off. Busy.
On the busy front I guess I should get back to my D.J set.
I want to make sure it's spakingly good so I better do some more work.
All the best.. and see some of you on New Years and MANY of you @ The Side Two Tour! (Thanks so much for buying tickets! I feel all warm and fuzzy!)
Mucho Love(O)

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