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This is a still from the video for 'Neverland'.

It's almost 2 am as I write this and we've just wrapped the video for 'Neverland' today in London. I've been blogging about 'This Delicate FILM We've Made' for some time now - but those who aren't familiar it's a DVD coming in December. It's 13 songs from my recent album remixed in 5.1 surround sound with specially commissioned video art pieces for each track. I've been leaking a few of them since the start of the album project - but today saw the completion of the second to last one.

Sarah Matthews, the actress in this photo, first worked with me in the 'Unlovable' video for the 'Big Night In' tour and we were keen to find a reason to work with her again.
In 'Neverland' Sarah played the part of the moon in a child's fantasy of the universe.
I made almost all of the props in the video, wrote the treatment and directed all the on set action. The wonderful Gavin Elder (www.heyluke.com) was our cinematographer and Richard Cullen co-directed and will do all the post production and editing.

It took me 3 weeks to make the props and costumes and today we filmed for a little over 10 hours. Lots of stop motion, shadow puppets, traditional puppetry and of course the wonderful Sarah. I had the pleasure of working with one of my best friend's children. Maggz has been a friend of my sister's and I for years and we've sort of grown up together in the last decade really. Her children feature in the video with her son Adam playing the part of a young me (he looks like me as a child!) and her youngest Dylan provided macabre drawings.

I'm so very proud of 'This Delicate Film'. Richard showed me the finished 3D video for 'The Future Holds A Lion's Heart' today (wow!) and his pieces for 'Time Machine' and 'Conversation With God' will take your breath away.

I'm so proud to be working with my dearest and most cherished friends and family who just happen to be some of the most talented people I know!

Finally I'm off to bed.
May I never see another pot of glitter again!


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